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Welcome to my website, and thanks for your interest in my books.

On a sunny and memorable day in 1979, I stood in the post office in Manchester Center, Vermont, and unwrapped the package containing the advance copy of my first book, Old Yellowstone Days. As I stood there staring at it in wonder, I realized that with its publication I had already amounted to more than I ever expected to; from there on out, anything I did would be for extra credit.

Much to my surprise and continuing delight, there have been many more books since then. In complicated and sometimes mysterious ways, books cause other books, and it has been my amazing good fortune to find many subjects to explore, study, and write about. A wise friend once said that "writing is thinking." Every book I write, no matter the subject, fiction or non-fiction, gives me a new opportunity to come to terms with things that matter to me and that I hope will matter to you, too.

But, as the saying goes, enough about me. This website is about the books. Click on "Books" and you will find a fairly hefty selection from the work I've been doing since Old Yellowstone Days appeared. I've divided the list into five general categories: Fiction, Yellowstone, Wilderness and Parks, Bears, and Fly Fishing. Click on any title to learn more about the book, read some reviews, and read an excerpt from the book.

Some of the books listed are out of print, but it is no longer true that "out of print" means "unavailable." With very little effort, either through your local bookstore or on-line, you should be able to find any book on this list.

That's pretty much it. There is a "News and Notes" heading that will tell you about events and new books. There is a "Biography" heading too; web experts say it's important that this be there, so I have dutifully filled it up with stuff about me. But what really matters are the books. I hope you find some opportunities there too.